Backgammon back game

backgammon back game

Learn when and how to use the back game backgammon strategy with Backgammon for Losers, the backgammon for beginners' book written by Simon Hill. Here is a good example of how to roll a prime forward to trap a checker when playing a back game. This was a. Play65™ - backgammon Beiträge. alles über Rückseite Spielstrategie. Wenn Sie ein Backgame versuchen, sollten Sie anfangs immer um einen kleinen oder.


Backgammon back game Again, never hold out for a back game anyway; a back game should be avoided at all costs. Well there are some reasons why back games are more of a fall back position, something you might find yourself for getting into, as your only hope of wining the game and not so much something you aim for at the very beginning. Because back games invariably involve doubles and re-doubles it is necessary to examine some likely situations that have not come up in this sample game. Der englische Spieleexperte Edmond Hoyle verfasste im Jahre eine Broschüre, in der er die Regeln beschrieb und de facto festlegte. If you are presented with a chance to play forward and change your backgammon strategy game plan to a running or priming game, you should always take backgammon back game. Vic Morawksi, expert backgammoner, teaches the basic to the game including handy tastenkombination highlights of a back game. backgammon back game


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